About US

Khatrisoft Labs is a leading IT solutions provider company with a development center in Ahmedabad, India and a regional office in USA.

We are a company that prides ourselves in providing our clients with cutting-edge and forwarding thinking mobile Applications & web solutions. We have a multi-step development process to assuring our clients are fully satisfied with the end product.

We work with agile methodology so that we always deliver the best product to our client. We always put our 100% attention over the smallest feature of your product. with our 10 years of experience over the market we know what is needed to make your app success.

At Khatrisoft Labs we have dedicated and experienced professionals with many years of knowledge, experience and proven expertise who diligently strive to meet your needs. They understand today's technological innovations and dynamic industry trends to develop avant-garde solutions which help you accomplish your business goals. We have an infallible strategy to ensure that your budget and timeframe is not diluted in the process of achieving the desired result. At the same time, we also provide highest support and unsurpassed levels of communication to constantly aware you about your project.

Why US?

With a wide range of service offerings on the mobile platforms, we help our clients achieve their mobile strategic goals in a practical, convenient, and cost-effective way. Whether the need is News, Utility, References, Lifestyle, Sports, or Weather, we have been able to deliver to a diverse global client base.

The Process

  1. Research

    Its important to understand your idea and convert it to the real app requirement. We do market analysis to make sure that we don't miss any features that can be added in your dream app.

  2. Design

    We believe that design is the Crucial part of your app. Your app should be creative and relatively Clean & Easy to use for user.we always put our 100% attention over unique & creative design. its always creativeness in our mind when it comes to design. we wont stop until the app has unique & creative design.

  3. Build

    We have best coding structure that we implement to make sure that your app is smooth and bug free. we follow coding standards to make the best.

  4. Deliver

    Once your app is completed and delivered to respective store its not yet over. we do marketing for your app and make your app a 100% sucess.

Current Openings

iOS Developer

6+ Months Exp.

We are looking for iOS Developer with having exp of 6+ months and who strives to work in challenging projects.

Php Developer

1+ Years Exp.

We are looking for Php Developer with having Exp of 1+ years and who has worked in webservices or eccommerce solutions

UI/UX Designer

1+ Year exp.

We are looking for UI/UX Designer with having exp of 1+ years and who has strong portfolio of graphics works.

Khatrisoft Labs

Why Join us?

Unique & Best Quality Projects, Focus on quality. 9 to 6 only, 5 Days a week.